What does Accreditation do?

Accreditation offers trust

TÜRKAK’s accreditation service; confirms that the services provided by organizations operating in areas such as product, inspection, certification, testing and calibration are carried out competently in accordance with national/internationally accepted standards. Thus, accreditation allows to build confidence in the work of independent conformity assessment bodies.

Thanks to the created environment of confidence; businesses and citizens benefiting from the service have the chance to be sure that conformity assessment activity produces comparable and repeatable results, carried out with scientific methods based on objective methods.

Consumers feel safe as accredited conformity assessment activities are carried out in accordance with legal requirements and national/international standards.


Accreditation supports the image of “safe products and services”

Thanks to the accreditation service provided by TÜRKAK, conformity assessment bodies are regularly assessed. Thus, the "continuous improvement" process for the quality and safety of products, services and processes is supported.

TÜRKAK, the sole national accreditation body in Türkiye; carefully examines the conformity assessment activities, asks critical questions where necessary and carries out its assessments independently. Thanks to this mission of TÜRKAK, it is possible to say that an important step has been taken towards the protection of market participants.

Accreditation which is based on voluntary is a method used by conformity assessment bodies to prove that they are offering their services safely to the market. Thanks to accreditation, consumers feel more confident about the products and services they prefer in their daily lives. As a matter of fact, the accredited conformity assessment activity continues to maintain its confidentiality with the assessments of TÜRKAK.

Accreditation that supports the facilitation of the planning processes of organizations for risk management, is seen as an important factor in the decision-making processes regarding the activities to be carried out in the private and the public sector. Demonstrating that an accredited organization performs its products and services in accordance with international standards and legal regulations supports the perception of trust in the market.


Accreditation removes technical barriers to international trade

The accreditation service provided by TÜRKAK ensures the international recognition of conformity assessment activities. TÜRKAK, which is a full member of the regional umbrella association EA (European co-operation for Accreditation) and the international umbrella associations ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) and IAF (International Accreditation Forum) in every field, supports safely cross-border trade through international agreements and mutual recognition agreements.

Accredited conformity assessment activities contribute to free trade. The international recognition of the accreditation service provides easier access to export markets and facilitates the expansion of the target market for products and services. Therefore, it is possible to say that accreditation contributes to increasing the competitiveness of the Turkish economy by removing technical barriers to trade and supports economy of Türkiye.


Accreditation helps improve quality standards

TÜRKAK carries out its activities in a competent, professional and efficient manner within the framework of accreditation procedures. Thus, TÜRKAK provides a service that offers sustainable development opportunities optimizes processes and minimizes errors in business processes to conformity assessment bodies. Accreditation is an administrative process that requires attention, carried out according to legal regulations and international standards. With regular assessments, conformity assessment bodies have to maintain and improve their own quality standards in order to continuation of accreditation. It is possible to say that an accredited conformity assessment body provides a high level of technical competence in related fields.