Strategy Development Department

Strategy Development Department is established in 2020 to determine medium and long-term strategies and policies of TÜRKAK and to carry out the necessary activities in order to determine its objectives within the framework of national development strategies and policies, annual program and governmental program.

Our Department operates in line with the provisions of Law No. 5018 and other legislation to ensure the accountability and financial transparency and to get use of the Agency’s resources efficiently, economically and effectively by carrying out the processes of the preparation, implementation, accounting of all financial transactions and reporting of the Agency’s budget.

In addition, to fulfill the services related to management information systems, to carry out the accounting services of the Agency, to prepare the activity report of the management based on the activity reports prepared by the spending departments, to arrange the summary charts regarding the movable and immovable properties that are owned or used by the Agency and to establish the internal control system are among the other activities of our Department.​