Testing Accreditation Department

Testing Accreditation Department conducts the accreditation activities of the testing laboratories of universities, public and private sector (except electrical, mechanical, construction materials laboratories*) medical laboratories, proficiency testing providers, certified reference material, biobanks producers aiming to get use of accreditation, which supports the practical applications of a wider range of activities in all sectors of the economy from chemicals to the environment, from food to medicine, from criminal examination to medical field, as a symbol of trust and prestige. Our Department carries out its accreditation activities in accordance with international standards by means of its competent and professional staff and assessor pool.

Besides conducting the accreditation activities, Testing Accreditation Department participates in the committee and working group meetings held regularly by International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and the European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA) both of which are the signatory of the mutual recognition agreements with TURKAK and gives opinions during the preparation period of the normative and guidance documents used at the accreditation processes.

Apart from the relevant accreditation areas, TURKAK, which is the National Good Laboratory Practices Monitoring Authority, also carries out its activities in the field of OECD Good Laboratory Practices under the responsibility of Testing Accreditation Department. As the Monitoring Authority, our Department serves as the point of contact for exchanging the information about conducted assessments within the year with the other member countries by means of the Good Laboratory Practices Working Group of Economic Development and Cooperation Organization (OECD) of which Türkiye is among the founding members.

On the other hand, our Department takes part in the preparation and execution of the TURKAK external trainings on TS EN ISO / IEC 17025, TS EN ISO 15189, TS EN ISO / IEC 17043, TS EN ISO 17034 Standards, Good Laboratory Practices etc.

Testing Accreditation Department performs its duties to fullfill the training and cooperation demands of other accreditation bodies, on the basis of the policies of our Agency highlighting the importance of the accreditation in every field with the aim of bringing “Accreditation local, acceptance everywhere" free trade objective to a closer reality.

The way of the conformity assessment bodies, the number of which are increasing every day aiming to facilitate the access to the European Union and other export markets, to build trust in business world and public and to benefit from the competitive advantages provided by accreditation that enables innovation in private and public sector, daily meets with the Testing Accreditation Department which conducts its activities “responsible", “hardworking", “professional", “innovative" and “perfectionist" manner.

* The activities regarding these fields are conducted by Calibration Accreditation Department.​