Assessment, Training and Projects Accreditation Department

As a primary responsibility, TÜRKAK works under a management system that complies with the requirements of the ISO / IEC 17011 standard. It aims to provide high-quality service, to continuously improve the system and to provide social benefit within this direction. As a symbol of trust in accreditation services, our leading and respected Agency on a global scale, which was created on the basis of scientificity and efficiency has founded the Assessment, Training and Projects Accreditation Department in 2020.

The Assessment, Training and Projects Accreditation Department is responsible for the implementation of the activities regarding training, assessor/technical expert pool, business development and projects. It includes four directorates sequenced as Corporate Communications Directorate, Assessor/Technical Expert Pool Directorate, Business Development and Projects Directorate and Training Affairs Directorate.​


Corporate Communications Directorate

Corporate Communication Directorate works with the aim to introduce and communicate our Agency in national and international environment with all means and methods of communication by considering that our “impartiality", “competence", “public service sensitivity" and “private sector oriented" character, which stands out in the context of our main duties and responsibilities, is the sine qua non of the “TÜRKAK" brand.

TÜRKAK is the only authorized institution to accredit the conformity assessment activities in Türkiye as it is explicitly stated in the Law No. 4457.

Calibration, Testing, Medical Testing, Certification, Inspection, Verification, Proficiency Testing, Reference Material Production, Sampling and Other Conformity Assessment Activities which fall into the responsibility of TURKAK cannot be directly accredited or otherwise indirect declaration regarding accreditation cannot be given by other legal entities or person.

At the same time, as a requirement of the universality of accreditation, TÜRKAK, has signed multilateral and mutual recognition agreements with the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA) and OECD Good Laboratory Practices Working Group (OECD-GLP) to fulfill all the requirements needed for national and global scale acceptance.

As a requirement of these national and international responsibilities, our Communication Directorate is restructured in 2020 to strengthen our institutional structure, to increase our representation power, to develop cooperation with other institutions that add value to our country, to prepare materials that show the importance and value of accreditation, to support corporate promotion, to help to bring good practice examples to life in our Agency and stakeholders and to encourage accreditation in our country.

Our Directorate has adopted customized communication approach that includes sharing ideas and projects besides giving solutions to the problems. With the improvement in our Agency’s structure to be in line with the changing conditions, the working priorities of our Directorate are adopted as improving the working conditions of our personnel and increasing the contents that supports corporate recognition in new media tools.

With more than 20 years of experience, TÜRKAK continues its activities in all areas subject to international agreements with a dynamic understanding and conducts its activities with the awareness that it has a vital role in the effort to remove technical barriers to trade for our country, which is safely moving to the 100th anniversary of our Republic.​

Business Development and Projects Directorate

The main service framework of our Directorate is to provide the highest level of benefits from modern and global practices in the field of accreditation, to initiate and accomplish projects aimed at increasing the capacity and efficiency of TÜRKAK and to identify the needs of our stakeholders and market actors regarding new service areas.

With the new organizational structure established with the principle of efficiency and scientificness in 2020, we carry out activities with our experienced team and strategic management approach under the Assessment, Training and Projects Accreditation Department.

Working in coordination with public authorities, non-governmental organizations, private sector representatives in our country, national and international organizations forms the mission of our Directorate. In addition, the planning and monitoring the implementation process of the activities to be conducted in cooperation with the other accreditation bodies are among our primary goals.

Our primary activities include carrying out studies on the effective use of information and communication technologies in accreditation processes to improve our institutional capacity; ensuring the implementation of national and international projects, making recommendations on the Action Plans related to the subjects fallen into TÜRKAK’s authority by strengthening the communication with the relevant public institutions.

As being one of the world leading pioneer institutions of our country, TÜRKAK has the “best practice" examples in accreditation processes with its structure open to cooperate with the international organizations. Thanks to its international experiences, innovative, open-minded character, pragmatic and determined stance, our Directorate continues to contribute to the future of TÜRKAK.​

Assessor / Technical Expert and Training Directorate

TÜRKAK meticulously carries out “conformity assessment activities" in order to remove technical barriers to trade in international scale and to become a driving force in global competition.

In addition to its personnel resources to perform accreditation services of conformity assessment activities under its responsibility, our Agency benefits from internal and external (upon contract) assessors and technical experts who have proved their competence in the national and international area.

TÜRKAK appoints qualified assessors and technical experts, having hands on experience, in accreditation processes within the framework of ISO/IEC 17011 standard and the documents published by European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA), International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), OECD Good Laboratory Practices (OECD GLP) and International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and encourages these experts to continuously develop and renew themselves.

Our Directorate is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the activities and services related to the Assessor/ Technical Expert Pool in accordance with TÜRKAK procedures. Within this context, the processes stated below are performed in coordination with the related Accreditation Departments.

  • Need analysis for assessor/technical experts,
  • Evaluation and authorization of the assessor/technical experts,
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of their performances,
  • Monitoring of the training needs and other needs decided during exchange of experience meetings
  • Systematic review of competences,
  • Keeping the records for the application, evaluation, authorization, training, performance, contract, etc. up to date.
  • To contribute to a strong Türkiye with a growing economy, our directorate continues to perform its activities dynamically with the aim to improve the competence of our assessors and technical experts and ensure the accumulation and continuity of the high added value assessors/technical experts for the purpose of effective and comprehensive execution of the accreditation activities that fall into TURKAK’s responsibility.​​

On the other hand, in coordination with the relevant accreditation departments; our Directorate conducts trainings open to general participation, training of assessors, internal trainings, assessor exchange of experience meetings, sectoral meetings and group trainings with participants from different organizations in the physical and online environments that have suitable conditions for training and facilitate learning. In addition, our Directorate takes part in the realization of the activities regarding the training process in national and international projects carried out by TÜRKAK.

Our Directorate operates a performance monitoring system that is open to continuous improvement, which allows to determine and apply the right indicators for development. Therefore, it provides qualified service with its extremely strong, experienced, flexible minded and qualified internal and external trainers.

Our Directorate, which was restructured in 2020 with the aim of improving the human capital of our Agency by providing high quality learning solutions and opportunities to the training needs related to accreditation activities, contributes to the strengthening of the accreditation infrastructure in our country with its pioneering practices and innovative approaches.​