Executive Board

Presidential Decree on the Organisation of Affiliated, Related and Associated Institutions and Organisations of Ministries and of Other Institutions and Organisations

Decree Number: 4

(Section Concerning the Turkish Accreditation Agency)

Article: 634
(7) The Executive Board shall be composed of seven members in total, from the members of the Advisory Board listed in subparagraphs (a) and (b) of the second paragraph, with three members from each subparagraph appointed by the Minister, and the Secretary-General.

(8) No more than one representative from any organisation shall be included in the Board of Management.

(9) Those who have administrative or financial relation with a conformity assessment body, or first degree relation by blood or marriage or in marriage with the decision-makers of such organisations may not be members in the Executive Board. The representatives of an institution or organisation with which a conformity assessment body is affiliated, related or associated may not be members in the Executive Board.

(10) The term of office is three years for the members of the may not be members in the Executive Board except for the Secretary-General. Expiring members may be appointed at most two more terms.

(11) The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board shall be appointed by the Minister with whom the Agency is related, with one from subparagraph (a) and another from subparagraph (b) of the second paragraph. The members of the Board of Management other than the Secretary-General are not permanent Agency personnel. The decisions taken by the Executive Board shall be executed by the Secretary-General.

Executive Board
Ambassador Mehmet Kemal BOZAY

Chairman of the Board

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Levent Mete ÖZGÜRBÜZ

Vice Chairman of the Board

Technology Development Foundation of Türkiye Board Member


Board Member

Turkish Competition Authority Vice-President


Board Member

Secretary General of Turkish Accreditation Agency

Gökhan YAZGI

Board member

Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Mustafa Yaşar SEKİN

Board Member

Secretary General of Gebze Chamber of Commerce


Board Member

Vice Chair of the Board of Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry