Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) which is affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Türkiye, with its headquarters in Ankara, subject to private law, has legal personality, is a non-profit organisation, has administrative and financial autonomy and special budget was established in 1999.

TÜRKAK with the objectives of accrediting conformity assessment bodies, ensuring that such bodies operate in accordance with national and international standards and thus the certificates issued by conformity assessment bodies be nationally and internationally recognised is the sole national accreditation body recognised by the Turkish government..

> Impartiality Policy

TURKAK’s management bodies and employees are well aware of the importance of impartiality, the primary responsibility of all employees including the top management is to conduct the accreditation activities in compliance with the impartiality requirements of ISO/IEC 17011 standard and legal arrangements.

TURKAK conducts its accreditation activities free of all commercial, financial, political, administrative influences that will compromise its independence, impartiality and objectivity and without pursuing profits. TURKAK analyses all risks of conflict of interest which may affect the impartiality of its management bodies, committees, personnel, assessors and technical experts, and takes all necessary measures.

TURKAK does not offer conformity assessment services nor engages in provision of consulting services to conformity assessment bodies or any similar activity that may damage its impartiality. TURKAK offers training services only to general audience and in general content.

TURKAK adopts the principle of cooperating with and supporting the accreditation bodies of other countries in our close geography without engaging in any competition with other accreditation bodies.

TURKAK adopts as its essential principle to provide opportunities of effective participation of interested parties in preserving impartiality, and carry on its activities with no discrimination.

> Quality Policy

As the national accreditation body in the area of conformity assessment, TURKAK’s management bodies and employees as a whole have the primary responsibility of providing high quality services and continuously improving the system under a management system complying with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17011.

For the purpose of providing accreditation services to satisfy the national needs and harmonizing with European Union regulations, TURKAK considers cooperation with international stakeholders, government parties and relevant market actors as an essential principle.

TURKAK, will continue its activities as a reputable organization that provides impartial and independent services by improving the competencies of its employees, providing appropriate working conditions, and using available resources efficiently.


  • Impartiality and reliability
  • Innovation
  • Confidentiality
  • Cooperation with stakeholders
  • Adherence to ethics
  • Results-orientation
  • International recognition
  • Expertise and competence

> Vision

As a global brand of trust and quality, to be a leading accreditation body that is globally recognized, respected and plays an active role in strengthening the country's economy in providing and developing accreditation services for the benefit of society in products and services today and in the future.

> Mission

To ensure the acceptance of products and services at national and international levels as a guarantee of quality and reliability,
strengthen the quality infrastructure in our country by increasing the effectiveness of accreditation activities and ensure that the TÜRKAK identity takes an active role in the international arena.


> Bank Account Numbers

Ankara Kamu Kurumsal Şube (Branch Code:1745)
TL Account: 5997623-5044 (IBAN : TR53 0001 0017 4505 9976 2350 44)
EUR Account: 5997623-5043 (IBAN : TR80 0001 0017 4505 9976 2350 43)
USD Account: 5997623-5045 (IBAN : TR26 0001 001 74505 9976 2350 45)
Kavaklıdere Şubesi (Branch Code: SB138)
TL Account: 00158007296898570 (IBAN : TR59 0001 5001 5800 7296 8985 70)
EUR Account: 00158048012376787 (IBAN : TR53 0001 5001 5804 8012 3767 87)
USD Account: 00158048012376784 (IBAN : TR37 0001 5001 5804 8012 3767 84)

Please be sure that invoice number, accreditation case number or document review reference number are written in the payment explanation section.