01.03.2023  News
The Satisfaction Rate of Conformity Assessment Bodies for TÜRKAK Continues to Increase

The Turkish Accreditation Agency measured the satisfaction of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) with a survey which is organized in the end of 2022. In the survey, in which 438 CABs expressed their opinions, the satisfaction rate for TÜRKAK's overall performance was measured as 86.3%.

Looking at the data of the previous survey period, 2019, it was observed that the satisfaction rate for general performance increased from 82.8% to 86.3%. In addition, it was observed that satisfaction in all questions on the basis of subjects increased significantly compared to the previous period.

Considering the 2022 satisfaction rates, the five issues that CABs have the highest satisfaction with TÜRKAK are as follows:

  • 93% : Accuracy of accounting accounts
  • 91% : Impartiality and reliability
  • 90% : Awareness and publicity
  • 89% : Knowledge, Experience and Competence
  • 88% : Effectiveness of Assesments


Compared to the previous survey period, the two issues in which the satisfaction of CABs with TÜRKAK increased the most are as follows:

  • 10.4% increase: Efficiency of training services
  • 10.3% increase: Communication and Accessibleness


The rate of increase in satisfaction in some other areas is given below:

  • 7.6% increase: Suitability of Price and Payment Terms
  • 5.6% increase: Effectiveness of Billing Processes
  • 4.8% increase: Improving Service Diversity
  • 4.6% increase: Efficiency of Accreditation Application and Pre-Assessment Process
  • 4.5% increase: TÜRKAK's Success Rate in the Accreditation Process
  • 4.1% increase: Knowledge, Experience and Competence
  • 4.1% increase: Satisfaction Rate of Working with TÜRKAK
  • 3.4% increase: Impartiality, Communication, Experience and Competencies of Assessors
  • 3.4% increase: Efficiency of Assessments
  • 3.0% increase: Efficiency of Information Technology Usage